Bangalore, often hailed as India’s Silicon Valley, is also a treasure trove for adventure enthusiasts, surrounded by many exciting trekking destinations. Here are some of the top ones:

  1. Savandurga Hill: One of the largest monolithic rocks in Asia, Savandurga offers a challenging yet rewarding trek. Located just around 60 km from Bangalore, the hill presents a fantastic view of the surrounding forests and the Manchanabele Dam.
  2. Skandagiri Hills: This is a great spot for a night trek and is famous for its ‘walking above the clouds’ experience. The hill fort, located approximately 70 km from Bangalore, offers a panoramic view of the sunrise amidst the clouds.
  3. Kunti Betta: Just over 120 km from Bangalore, Kunti Betta in Pandavapura town is an ideal spot for day and night treks. It’s especially beautiful during monsoons when the surroundings come alive with lush greenery.
  4. Anthargange: Located 70 km away, Anthargange is a hill range known for its volcanic rock formations and caves. An ideal place for caving and trekking, this destination presents a unique adventure opportunity.
  5. Ramanagara: Known as the shooting location for the classic Indian movie Sholay, Ramanagara is around 50 km from Bangalore. The granite hills offer various trekking and rock climbing opportunities.
  6. Makalidurga: This hill fort stands at 1100 meters and offers a scenic trek with views of a railway line passing through the Ghats. Located around 60 km from Bangalore, it’s also a great spot for stargazing.
  7. Bheemeshwari: A part of the Cauvery wildlife sanctuary, Bheemeshwari is about 100 km from Bangalore. The trek through dense forests offers opportunities to spot various birds and wildlife.

Remember, irrespective of the trek you choose, ensure you carry enough water, wear sturdy shoes, and respect the surrounding flora and fauna. Happy trekking!