Terms and condition of Tripbae, Bengalore


Please ensure that you read carefully and understand these terms prior to confirming your booking.

Personal Data and Privacy
1. By booking with Tripbae, you consent to provide necessary personal data. This data will be used solely for the purpose of booking and organizing your trip. Tripbae ensures the data will not be shared with third-party entities unnecessarily or without your explicit consent.

Travel Insurance
2. You are strongly advised to obtain comprehensive travel insurance before embarking on any trip. This should cover, but not limited to, trip cancellation, personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of effects, repatriation costs, and all other expenses which might arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay, or inconvenience.

3. You consent to receive communication from Tripbae at any time regarding your trip, promotions, or other relevant information. This communication can be through email, phone calls, or text messages.

Third-party Services
4. Tripbae might collaborate with third-party services to enhance the trip experience. While Tripbae tries its best to choose reputed partners, it holds no responsibility for any lapses in services by these third-party vendors.

Travel Documents
5. You are responsible for all your travel documents including, but not limited to, passport, visa, and other necessary permits. Tripbae is not responsible for any advice or assistance in this regard.

Special Requests
6. Any special requests, such as dietary restrictions, special assistance, or specific facility requirements, must be made at the time of booking. Tripbae will try its best to accommodate such requests but makes no guarantee.

Behavior and Conduct
7. You are expected to conduct yourself in a manner respectful to the local customs, traditions, and laws of the region you are visiting. Any behavior contrary to this might lead to immediate termination of your trip, with no refund applicable.

Limitation of Liability
8. While Tripbae ensures that all activities are conducted under expert supervision, outdoor activities have their inherent risks. You acknowledge that Tripbae, its employees, agents, and suppliers will not be held liable for any property damage, injury, or death resulting from participating in the activities.

Feedback and Complaints
9. Any feedback or complaints regarding the trip should be communicated to Tripbae at the earliest. This helps Tripbae to promptly address and rectify any issues to improve the ongoing trip and future offerings.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
10. Tripbae reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. You are advised to review these terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Tripbae and its affiliates, officers, agents, and employees from any claim, demand, loss, or damages, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, asserted by any third-party due to or arising out of your use of the services provided by Tripbae.

Fitness Responsibility
Tripbae offers trip(s) and trek(s) that require varying levels of fitness. The level of difficulty can be based on the extent of physical stress, the terrain, weather, and/or climate. The degree of difficulty for some trips can be physically demanding. To enable you to choose appropriately and prepare accordingly, carefully review the level of difficulty of each trip before booking the same.

Tripbae doesn’t have any medical expert(s) and it is your responsibility to obtain medical advice, latest health requirements including inoculations and vaccines before you join a trip. Tripbae takes no responsibility for your inability to cope with the level of difficulty on a trip. While there is no age limitation on any Tripbae trips, any disability, pregnancy, mental or physical, or any other medical condition that may affect your fitness to complete the trek must be revealed at the time of booking the trip to Tripbae. You also undertake that you and Your travel companions, for whom You have signed up, do not suffer from any condition or disability that could create a hazard to Your own wellbeing or to others on a trip.

Program Dates
You are solely responsible for verifying the correct dates mentioned on the travel documents.

Tripbae reserves the right to modify or cancel the trip or part of the trip under circumstances, including but not limited to Acts of God, road blockage, political unrest, sickness, accidents, events beyond Tripbae’s control, etc. Any extra cost arising from such circumstances shall be borne by you on the spot. Wherever possible, Tripbae shall intimate you of such changes in advance or while on the trip.

No refund (Partial or otherwise) will be made if you voluntarily leave or drop out of a trip for any reason after the trip has begun. No refunds will be made for any accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, meals, or services not utilized.

In case, Tripbae cancels the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, it would be happy to suggest you alternative trip/dates. You shall be notified of the same. You may accept the alternate trip suggestion, voucher (with a one-year redeemable limitation), or request another trip of your choice. The difference in cost, if applicable, will have to be borne by you. Tripbae shall, under no circumstances, be liable for any additional costs, credit card charges, TAC(s), travel arrangements, and so on. Refunds in such a scenario will happen as per our cancellation policy.
Refunds are not possible for any missed or unused services including voluntary/involuntary termination of the tour on account of sickness, death of a family member, late arrival on the tour, etc.

Tripbae is also not liable to pay any compensation for any loss arising as a consequence of trip curtailment, alteration, extension, or cancellation due to any reasons. However, you expressly agree that, in any event, the maximum liability of Tripbae will be limited to the trip cost paid to Tripbae.

Transfer of Dates:
If you wish to shift your date of booking due to any unforeseen circumstances, the same should be intimated to us not.

Remember, these terms and conditions are essential for safeguarding both the client’s and Tripbae’s interests. Always ensure to have a legal professional review them before finalizing.