We start our Gokarna Beach Trek journey by picking up our co-travelers who are eagerly waiting to accomplish their adventurous trekking journey along with our great leads from Tripbae Community. Pickup Points for Gokarna Beach Trek are:

  • 7:30 PM – Silk Board
  • 8:00 PM – Domlur
  • 8:30 PM – MG Road
  • 8:50 PM – KTM Mekhri Circle
  • 9:30 PM – Govardhan Theater, Yeshwanthpura

Day 0 – Friday

After picking up all our co-travelers we will start our journey towards Gokarna Beach Trek from Bangalore at 10:00 PM in tempo travelers or Minibus with pushup back seats. On the bus trip, we will all get to know each other, sing songs, dance, and do many more fun activities. Everyone in our trek journey is super excited for experiencing the audacious ride and create a bag full of memories. All our co-travelers are strangers to each other but their excitement level towards this journey is all same. Our trek journey has many key events like Beach trekking, camping, travel diaries, sunset view, star gazing, waterfall visit, and fort visit which makes this journey one of your best trek travel ever.

Day 1 – Saturday

We reach Homestay at 8:00 AM and have a healthy breakfast also carry packed lunch with us for further journey. After that, we will board the vehicle and head towards Paradise Beach. Throughout the bus trip, we witness calm weather and wind breeze with serene sceneries. We will start our trek towards the coast of Half-moon beach from Paradise Beach. En-route our trek the feeling of wind gushing against our body is undescriptive and the immense positivity in nature makes our trek journey feel at ease. When we reach Half-moon beach the surrounding sceneries make our heart feel at peace and all of us are busy capturing our memories in cameras so that we never forget this mesmerizing beauty of nature.

Our next trek starts at 12:00 PM from Half-moon beach to Om Beach. This trekking journey has its own benefits that are witnessing nature’s creation, feeling of positivity, making new friends, and experiencing all other things which we don’t usually do in our daily lives. After reaching Om Beach we will all recharge ourselves and have our packed lunch surrounded by pleasing sceneries. We will start our next trek at 2:30 PM from Om beach to Kudle Beach. Throughout this trek, we will get to experience a small forest covered with lush green trees and after crossing the forest we will finally reach our destination that is Kudle Beach. The sunset view was so damn unremitting that it surely stole our hearts with its appearance. We all enjoyed the sunset view and click numerous pictures from our camera.

After the never-settling feeling of watching the sunset, we all started our trek towards the main destination that is Gokarna Beach. We will reach Gokarna beach at 7:00 PM, get freshen up and take a sip of tea while exploring the artistry of nature. Later we will start our preparation for the campfire and play fun activities, spend time with our co-travelers by singing songs and dancing. After all the joyful time we will have our dinner and take good sleep.

Day 2 – Sunday

Our next starts with a lip-smacking breakfast and by exploring Gokarna Beach. Later we will board a vehicle and head towards Vibhooti falls. After reaching Vibhooti falls we will capture timeless beauty in our panorama. The sound of water flowing gives the feeling of being relieved and eye-catchy views make your heart flutter. We will recollect all the admiring beauty of nature in our minds and board a vehicle heading towards Mirjan Fort.

After reaching Mirjan Fort at 12:00 PM, we will travel through the place while eye-witnessing the majestic masterpiece of architecture that one can find standing gloriously on the banks of the Aghanashini river. The fort has many historical events associated with it which makes it a delight for history buffs in Gokarna. We will then board a vehicle from Mirjan Fort and head towards Hanging Bridge Samish. After reaching Hanging Bridge Samshi at 4:00 PM, we will spend our time sightseeing the bridge and experiencing the sun breeze with attractive sceneries.

Day 3 – Monday

We will end our adventurous trip of Gokarna Beach Trek with recollection of all our trekking journey and spending time on fun activities. We will get down at 5:00 AM from the vehicle at our respective drop points with a bag full of unforgettable memories.

Gokarna Beach Trek with our co-travelers will always be one of our memorable journeys which will stay forever in our memories. Throughout the journey, we eye-watched mesmerizing sceneries, unsettling sunset views, explore the marvelous Mirjan fort, lush green forest, and camping fun activities. This trekking journey will be filled with all the experiences, joyful moments, camping, and photographically capturing all magnificence views throughout the journey.