We start our thrilling trek journey by picking up our co-travelers who are excited for their adventurous journey, accompanied by our great leads from Tripbae Community. We are all eager to enjoy our camping trek journey and explore various key events that will be held like stargazing, camping workshop, sunset view, waterfall visit, and adding all moments to our travel diaries. Pickup point for our Kumara Parvatha Camping Trek from Bangalore are:

  • 7:30 pm – Silk Board
  • 8:00 pm – Domlur
  • 8:30 pm – MG Road
  • 8:50 pm – KTM Mekhri Circle
  • 9:30 pm – Govardhan Theater, Yeshwanthpura
  • 10:30 pm – Leave from Bangalore with our co-travelers in tempo traveler, Minibus with push-up back seats.

Day 1

We start our Trekking journey by exploring Bisle ghat along our way to Kumara Parvatha. Bisle Ghat has one of the few untouched tracts of pristine forests in Karnataka. It is one of the top monsoon routes of Karnataka and reaches Kukke Subramanya at 7:00 am, after reaching we all get freshen up and start our main trekking journey towards Kumara Parvatha .

Our trekking journey continues with all our co-travelers with the hope that every moment we spend here is going to be added to our unforgettable memories. At 10:00 am, we start our trek towards Bhattara Mane Base Camp. Experiencing the mesmerizing weather throughout trek and reach there at 3:00 pm, eat our lunch. At 5:30 pm we will start pitching our tents and enjoy the Sunset view by clicking pictures, remembering the beautiful scenery in our memories, and cherishing all our moments. The experience of camping in the forest and witnessing sunset view makes us fall in love with the scenery of nature. After exploring sunset we all gather together at the campsite for our dinner and our night continues with a campfire in the forest followed by other fun activities while staring at the beauty of nature.

Day 2

Our journey continues after leaving Bhattara Mane Base Camp and heading towards Kumara Parvatha Trek with a bag full of memories and enjoying the nature. Kumara Parvatha is situated in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. At the foothills lies an ancient and famous temple called Kukke Subrahmanya.

Kumara Parvatha is thesecond highest peak in the Kodagu district and the fourth highest peak in Karnataka. As the dawn breaks, the first glimpse of Shesha Parvatha will give you an idea of the adventure you are going to have filled with daring struggles, undying passion to complete your trek and finally reach the peak. Climbing up to slightly more than 1,700 meters (approx. 5,600 feet), Kumara Parvatha is the most challenging trek in Karnataka. Kumara Parvatha trek is most loved by trekkers for the variety it offers, right from the thick forests, to vast grasslands and even a sparkling waterfall — this trek is worth all your hustles throughout the trekking journey. After reaching our main peak destination the feeling of accomplishing and finally arriving can not be described in the words with all the serene views all along our way.

We start our downhill trek journey by recollecting all our moments, eye-catchy sceneries, lush green forests, and the waterfall between the forest. We all trek back towards the Bhattara Mane Base camp and have our lunch remembering all our fun moments. After taking some rest we start our trek downwards at 3:00 pm and finally reach Kukke Subramanya at 6:30 pm. Experiencing all moments and carrying all happy memories we board our vehicle at 9:00 pm. The trek was worth all the struggles and guaranteed was our never forgettable experience.

Day 3

As we drive towards Bangalore our trip is filled with happy thoughts, spending time with each other by playing various games, memorable moments, and positive vibes. We will end our Kumara Paravatha trekking journey with all happy memories, the accomplishment of daring adventure travel diaries, and eye-catchy views throughout the journey.

We will get down from the bus at the respective drop points at Bangalore with a bag full of memories. Kumara Paravatha Trek is slightly more difficult than other treks in Bangalore so we are very proud of all our co-travelers who never gave up during the trekking journey and this experience motivates us will always be stored in our memories. This trekking journey will be filled with all the experiences we came across throughout the travel that are joyful moments, night camping with stargazing, campfire memories and photographically capturing all pleasing views.