Nandi Hills, a popular tourist destination located near Bangalore, is not just famous for its serene environment and breathtaking views, but also for its local culinary scene. The food landscape here is as enticing as its natural beauty, offering visitors a chance to savour some delectable Indian dishes, including the ubiquitous paratha. Here’s a food lover’s guide to Nandi Hills.

1. Breakfast at Nandi Hills: Kick-start your day with a hearty South Indian breakfast at the eateries near the hills’ entrance. A plate of steaming idlis or dosas coupled with a cup of hot filter coffee can fuel you for the upcoming adventure. Don’t forget to try out the local specialty of thatte idli – a plate-sized, fluffy idli that is incredibly delicious.

2. Savour the Parathas: While there may not be a specific ‘Indian Paratha Palace’, you will find numerous local stalls serving this North Indian staple. Parathas are a type of flatbread, typically stuffed with a variety of fillings such as potato, paneer, or spinach. Enjoy it hot off the tawa, accompanied by a side of yogurt or pickle.

3. Snack Time: Indian snacks such as samosas, pakoras, and bhajis are perfect for satiating your hunger pangs after a trek around the hills. These are easily available at the numerous food stalls around the area. Also, be sure to try the local Karnataka delicacy, Maddur Vada, a crispy savoury fritter made from semolina, rice flour, and onions.

4. Hydrate with Coconut Water: To keep yourself hydrated, especially during the hotter months, look out for the vendors selling fresh coconut water. Not only is it refreshing, but it also provides essential electrolytes to replenish your body after a tiring trek.

5. Traditional South Indian Meals: For lunch, head to one of the local restaurants at the base of the hills, where you can enjoy a traditional South Indian thali. These meals consist of rice, sambar, a variety of vegetable dishes, pickle, papad, and a sweet dish, offering a balanced and flavourful meal.

6. A Sweet Ending: Finally, no culinary tour would be complete without dessert. Enjoy local sweets like Mysore Pak, a rich sweet made from ghee, sugar, and gram flour, or Jalebi, a deep-fried sweet pretzel dipped in sugar syrup.

While the food scene around Nandi Hills offers a variety of delicious options, remember to respect the environment while you enjoy your meals. Dispose of your waste properly and avoid littering to preserve the pristine nature of the hills.

Nandi Hills, with its blend of natural beauty and culinary delights, offers a complete sensory experience. The next time you visit, take the time to savor these flavors and add another dimension to your travel experience.