We start our Bir Billing Adventure and Rudranag Trek journey by picking up our co-travelers who are excited for their adventurous trekking journey along with our great leads from Tripbae Community.

Pickup Points for Bir billing adventure and Rudranag Trek are:

  • 8:00 PM – Majnu Ka Tila, Infront of Nirmal Hridaya Church (Delhi)

Day 0

After picking up all our co-travelers we will start our journey towards Bir Billing Adventure from Delhi in tempo travelers or Mini bus with pushup back seats. In bus trip we will all get to know each other, sing songs, dance and many more fun activities. Everyone in our trek journey are super excited for experiencing the Adventurous Ride and create a bag full of memories. All our co-travelers are strangers to each other but their excitement level towards this journey is all same.

Day 1

We will continue our journey by trekking towards Bir Billing. Our audacious trip is filled with enthusiastic and daredevil co-travelers. Bir Billing which is popularly called as, “Paragliding capital of India”, Bir attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Bir is a part of Billing Valley. The paragliders are launched from Billing and land down at the stunning site in Bir, after covering the distance of around 18 km. The landscape of Bir Billing features deep gorges, impressive snow peaks, misty woods, flowery meadows, lush green valleys, glistening lakes, gushing waterfalls and enthralling lakes. We all are super delighted for our Bir Billing Paragliding Adventure and witnessing eye-catchy views throughout our way makes you keep on staring at the beauty of nature.

Day 2

Our next day starts with exploring varios adventurous activities at Bir Billing like Paragliding, Hand-gliding, Motorbiking, River rafting, Trekking and Camping. Bir Billing Paragliding experience is most worth trying adventure. When you do paragliding the best feeling is that you can see whole different world from top and feels like you are flying like a bird in the sky. All the moments are so precious for us. Bir also gives you a chance to spend a night under the glittery sky at some of the exquisite locations. While living in tents, you can enjoy the sights of splendid vistas of nature.We stored them in our memories and captured them panoramically. Experiencing all the adventures and creating all happy memories is the best part of trekking journey. We then start journey towards Kasol by recollecting our memories and enjoying our drive.

Day 3

Our trekking journey continues towards Rudranag Trek from Kasol. The trek will start from a village called Barsheni (22 km from Kasol) and you will be transferred to Barsheni in private vehicles. The Trek Trail of Rudranag is 6 km with a moderate difficulty level. Thr Rudranag trek is one of the most magical trek in the entire Uttarakhand. Surreal scenery of Himalayan mountains covered with snow, lush greenery of Parvati Valley, meadows and refreshing springs enroute. We are awe-struck while looking towards the magnificient beauty of Uttarakhand. The sound of waterfalls, surrounded by beautiful sceneries and greenery all around makes you feel all positive inside your soul and guranteed you will never forget this experience.

Day 4

Our next day starts with trekking back to Kasol and then heading towards Delhi. While we come closer to the end of our trek journey with all the smiling faces and gratitude towards the journey. We surely are taking back with us millions of unforgettable memories and experiences which we came across our trek. As we drive towards Delhi our trip is filled with happy thoughts, spending time with each other by playing various games, memorable moments and positive vibes.

Day 5

We will end our adventurous trip of Bir Billing and Rudranag Trek with the recollection of all our trekking journey and spending our time on fun activities. We will get down from the bus at the respective drop points at Delhi with a bag full of unforgettable memories.

Bir Billing Adventure and Rudranag Trek journey with our co-travelers will always be our most favourite experience which will always stay in our memories. Throughout the journey, we eye-witnessed snowy mountain ranges and admirable sceneries. This trekking journey will be filled with all the experiences, joyful moments, camping, star-gazing and photographically capturing all beautiful views throughout the journey.