Tadiandamol Peak Scaling the Heights of Coorg’s Majestic Beauty

The Western Ghats of India are renowned for their lush greenery, rich biodiversity, and captivating landscapes. Among the myriad of peaks and valleys that this mountain range boasts, Tadiandamol Peakhttps://tripbae.com/st_tours/tadiandamol-trek/ stands out as a prominent attraction for trekkers and nature lovers alike.

Tadiandamol, the highest peak in Coorg and the third highest in Karnataka, offers a challenging yet scenic trekking experience. Its name translates to the ‘Tallest Mountain’ in Kodava language, and rightly so, as it stands tall at an elevation of 1,748 meters (5,735 ft).

Key Highlights of the Trek

  1. Rich Biodiversity: As you ascend, be prepared to be greeted by a symphony of bird calls, sights of colorful butterflies, and the occasional sight of rare flora and fauna. The forests surrounding the trail are dense with shola forests and grasslands, making it a hotspot for biodiversity.
  2. Picturesque Views: The panoramic views from the top are breathtaking. On a clear day, you can witness a vast expanse of the Shola forests, the distant Arabian Sea, and the meandering Chelavara Falls. It’s a visual treat for photographers and nature enthusiasts.
  3. Adventure: While the trek is suitable for beginners, certain stretches can challenge even seasoned trekkers. Nalknad Palace is the usual starting point, and from here, the path becomes steeper and narrower as you approach the peak.
  4. Camping Spots: For those who love camping, Tadiandamol offers serene spots where one can pitch a tent and stargaze. The clear skies, untouched by urban light pollution, present a mesmerizing view of the cosmos.

Best Time to Visit

While the peak can be trekked throughout the year, the post-monsoon months from October to March offer the best conditions. The monsoon paints the entire region in varying shades of green and makes the trek slippery but enchantingly beautiful.

Preparation Tips

  • Ensure you have a sturdy pair of trekking shoes with good grip.
  • Carry adequate water and some light snacks.
  • As with most treks, it’s essential to be aware of your own fitness levels. Acclimatize, if necessary.
  • A guide is recommended for first-timers, as the trails can be confusing.


Tadiandamol Peak is more than just a trek; it’s an experience that stays with you. The harmonious blend of nature’s beauty and the thrill of adventure makes it a must-visit destination for every nature lover. So, pack your bags and let the mountains call you!

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