Located just 60 kilometers from the bustling city of Bangalore, Savandurga offers a welcome escape for adventure lovers. Known for housing one of the largest monolith hills in Asia, the Savandurga trek is more than just an exciting adventure; it is a true test of endurance and determination.

Categorized as a moderate to difficult trek, it lures both novices and experienced climbers, offering a diverse range of terrains to conquer. The hill is divided into two parts – ‘Karigudda’ (Black Hill) and ‘Biligudda’ (White Hill), each offering unique challenges and breathtaking views.

As you embark on this trek, you’ll traverse dense forests, navigate steep inclines, and walk across rocky terrains. Amidst these challenges, the scenic beauty of the surroundings doesn’t fail to amaze. The panoramic views from the top are rewarding – a sight of dense forests, Manchinabele Dam, and wide-open skies.

Whether it’s for the thrill of conquering the massive monolith or the lure of surrounding natural beauty, the Savandurga trek is an exciting journey that offers a much-needed respite from city life, and an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The trek is not just about reaching the summit; it’s about enjoying the journey, overcoming obstacles, and cherishing the unforgettable memories it creates.