Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is a mountain fortress located near Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Known for its thrilling night trek and mesmerizing sunrise views, Skandagiri attracts adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. For complete, authoritative information, you might want to visit the official website of the Skandagiri Trek.

(As of my last training data in September 2021, there is no official website dedicated specifically to the Skandagiri Trek. Therefore, the following is a general overview of what such a website might include.)

  1. Homepage: The website’s homepage would typically offer an overview of Skandagiri Trek, highlighting its attractions such as the night trek, the ruins of the ancient fortress, and the breathtaking sunrise views from the peak. It may also feature stunning photographs of the trek and the surrounding landscapes.
  2. About Skandagiri: This section could provide detailed information about the history and significance of Skandagiri. It could cover facts about the ancient fortress, the flora and fauna of the region, and the importance of Skandagiri as a popular trekking destination.
  3. Trek Details: A crucial section, ‘Trek Details’ could include information about the trek’s difficulty level, the distance to be covered, the starting point, the route to be followed, and the estimated time to complete the trek. It might also offer tips for the trek, such as the best time to start to catch the sunrise.
  4. Booking and Permits: Since a trekking permit is required for Skandagiri, this section could guide users on how to book their trek and obtain necessary permits. It might provide information about the costs, the terms and conditions, and the process for booking.
  5. FAQs: A Frequently Asked Questions section could address common queries about the trek, such as safety guidelines, what to carry, accommodation options, and more.
  6. Contact Information: Finally, the website might list the contact information for the managing authority, offering phone numbers, email addresses, or a contact form for any queries or further assistance.

Remember, while planning your trek, always verify the information from reliable sources and adhere to all guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure. A visit to the official website, when available, would be a key part of this preparation process.