Gokarna, located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, is renowned for its pristine beaches and laid-back lifestyle. The coastal town offers numerous trekking opportunities, often with the added advantage of beach hopping. Here are some representative trekking packages you might find, but please note that the availability and specifics could vary and it’s essential to check with the individual tour operators for the most accurate and updated information.

  1. Gokarna Beach Trek and Camping: This is a popular 2-day, 1-night package that typically includes a trek along the Gokarna coastline, covering main beaches like Paradise Beach, Half Moon Beach, Om Beach, and Kudle Beach. The package usually includes camping on the beach, meals, and sometimes a bonfire.
  2. Gokarna to Kumta Beach Trek: A longer and more challenging option, this trek spans approximately 20 kilometers along the coastline from Gokarna to Kumta. This package may extend over 2-3 days and often includes camping, meals, and sometimes transportation.
  3. Yana Caves and Vibhooti Waterfalls Trek: A day trip from Gokarna, this package offers a visit to the massive rock formations of Yana Caves and the refreshing Vibhooti Waterfalls. This might include local transportation, meals, and a guide.
  4. Gokarna Temple Trek: This trekking package focuses on exploring the spiritual side of Gokarna, visiting significant temples around the town including Mahabaleshwar Temple and Maha Ganapathi Temple, along with a beach trek.
  5. Customized Trekking Packages: Some operators provide the option to customize your trek based on the places you want to visit, the duration of the trek, and the level of difficulty you prefer.

Remember, while booking a trekking package, ensure the credibility of the tour operator. Check reviews and ratings, and always follow the safety instructions provided. Keep in mind the local laws and customs, and respect the natural environment during your trek.

Please note that due to varying factors like weather conditions and local regulations, the availability of these packages might change. Always confirm the details with your chosen tour operator before booking.

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