Antaragange: Kolar’s Mystical Mountain of Eternal Springs

Situated in the historical town of Kolar in Karnataka, Antaragange is a unique blend of nature and spirituality. Often referred to as the ‘Ganges from deep’, its name translates to ‘Inner Ganges’. This mountain range isn’t just a haven for trekkers and nature enthusiasts, but also a pilgrimage spot that resonates with deep spiritual significance. Dive into the fascinating world of Antaragange and discover what makes it one of Kolar’s most treasured gems.

Geographical Marvel

At the heart of Antaragange is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. What’s intriguing about this temple is the perennial spring that emanates from the mouth of a stone bull (Basava). Despite many attempts, the source of these waters remains a mystery, adding to the site’s allure.

The rocky landscape of Antaragange provides an ideal setting for trekkers. The terrain, marked with boulders and dense shrubs, is interspersed with caves, offering adventurers a chance to indulge in some cave exploration.

Spiritual Significance

The temple, with its continuous stream of water, is considered sacred. Devotees flock to Antaragange, particularly during Shivaratri, to pay homage and seek blessings. The undying flame (Kashaaya Linga) inside one of the temples is another significant spiritual attraction. It’s believed that this flame has been burning for centuries.

Adventurous Activities

Apart from its religious significance, Antaragange is a hotspot for adventure enthusiasts. Trekking up the mountain can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Night treks are particularly popular, allowing trekkers to camp under the starlit sky amidst the boulders.

Accessibility and Stay

Kolar is well connected by road and rail. Antaragange is just about 3 km from the main town, making it easily accessible. For those keen on extending their stay, Kolar offers decent accommodation options, though many adventurers prefer to camp on the mountain for a night.


Antaragange in Kolar serves as a testament to nature’s wonders and the spiritual depth of India’s cultural heritage. Whether you’re on a spiritual quest, an adventure junkie, or someone just looking to immerse in nature’s beauty, Antaragange promises an enriching experience.