Unwinding in a Day: Quick Getaways from Bangalore

Being the bustling tech capital of India, Bangalore offers not only career opportunities but also a springboard to a myriad of short escapes perfect for those looking to rejuvenate in a day. If you’ve got 24 hours to spare and the itch to explore, here’s a list of destinations just a drive away from Bangalore.

1. Mysore:
Merely a 3-hour drive away, Mysore is the cultural heart of Karnataka. Home to the magnificent Mysore Palace, this city offers a blend of heritage, culture, and art. Don’t miss the bustling markets and the iconic Mysore Pak sweet.

2. Nandi Hills:
A quick early morning drive to Nandi Hills ensures a mesmerizing sunrise view atop a hill. This spot also houses the Nandi Temple, and its serene ambiance provides a break from city life.

3. Kanakapura:
Nature enthusiasts, rejoice! Kanakapura is known for its lush green surroundings and is a hub for water-based activities like kayaking and boating at the Bananthimari Betta.

4. Lepakshi:
For a touch of historical and architectural beauty, Lepakshi is the spot. Located in Andhra Pradesh but just a few hours from Bangalore, this place boasts the beautiful Veerabhadra Temple and a massive Nandi statue.

5. Chunchi Falls:
This waterfall, fed by the River Arkavati, is a serene spot ideal for a picnic. Chunchi Falls is surrounded by rocky terrain and dense forests, offering a perfect backdrop for relaxation and photography.

6. Ramanagara:
Previously mentioned for its longer stays, Ramanagara is just as perfect for a one-day trip. The hills are suitable for short treks, and the serene environment is an added bonus.

Tips for Day Trippers:

  • Start Early: To make the most of your trip, start your journey in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Pack Light: Since it’s a day trip, essentials like water, snacks, and a first-aid kit should suffice.
  • Travel Updates: Ensure you’re updated with the road conditions and local guidelines, especially during monsoon.


A break doesn’t always mean long vacations; sometimes, it’s the short spontaneous trips that bring the most joy. So, the next time you feel bogged down by your routine in Bangalore, pick a spot from this list and just drive!

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