When it comes to immersive nature experiences close to Bangalore, the Skandagiri Camping and Sunrise Trek offers an unparalleled combination of adventure and tranquility. A majestic mountain fortress beckons the wanderlust souls to experience the beauty of the night sky and the charm of a mesmerizing sunrise.

About Skandagiri

Skandagiri, or Kalavara Durga, is a mountain fortress situated around 70 km from Bangalore. Its historical ruins and panoramic views have always attracted trekkers, but the addition of camping has taken the experience to a new height.

Camping at Skandagiri

Camping under the stars: Skandagiri’s altitude and distance from city lights make it an ideal location for stargazing. The clear sky is a canvas of twinkling stars, planets, and on fortunate nights, meteor showers.

Bonfire Tales: The chill of the hill demands a warm bonfire. This is not only a source of warmth but a place of bonding, storytelling, and music.

Local Cuisine: Some camping packages offer local dishes as part of their experience, giving you a taste of the region’s culinary delights.

Sunrise Trek Experience

After a night under the stars, the early morning Sunrise Trek is the jewel in the crown. The ascent, though moderately challenging, is worth every step:

  • Misty Trails: As dawn nears, the trails of Skandagiri become shrouded in mist, giving a mystical feel to the trek.
  • Golden Horizon: Once at the summit, trekkers are treated to one of the most beautiful sunrises. The sun emerging from a sea of clouds creates a breathtaking vista.

Planning Your Trip

  1. Booking: Several agencies in Bangalore offer combined packages for Skandagiri Camping and Sunrise Trek. These typically include transportation, meals, tents, and guide services.
  2. Packing: Essentials include a sleeping bag (if not provided), warm clothing, water, snacks, flashlight, and a camera.
  3. Fitness: Prepare yourself a week in advance with some light cardio exercises to ensure you can fully enjoy the trek without fatigue.

Tips and Safety

  • Respect Nature: Keep the campsite clean and avoid leaving any trash behind.
  • Guided Tours: Especially if you’re a first-timer, consider taking a guided tour. The local guides are well-versed with the terrain and can enhance the experience with their knowledge.
  • Stay Hydrated: The trek can be tiring, especially after a night of camping. Keep sipping water to stay hydrated.


For those looking to escape the daily grind and immerse themselves in nature’s splendor, the Skandagiri Camping and Sunrise Trek offers a wholesome experience. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a newbie, the magic of Skandagiri will surely captivate your heart.