Unexplored Havens: Top Destinations Near Bangalore

Bangalore, popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India, is not just a hub for IT professionals. It’s a dynamic city teeming with life, culture, and opportunities. But beyond its bustling streets and high-rise buildings, there are mesmerizing destinations that beckon travelers. If you’re a Bangalorean looking for a quick escape or a tourist eager to explore the regions surrounding the city, this list is for you.

  1. Nandi Hills: A mere 60 km from Bangalore, Nandi Hills offers a refreshing break from city life. Known for its rolling green hills and cool climate, it’s a perfect spot for sunrise views and picnics. The historical hill fortress situated here is an added attraction.
  2. Savandurga: Regarded as one of the largest monolithic rocks in Asia, Savandurga provides a challenging trek for adventure enthusiasts. Located around 50 km from Bangalore, the panoramic views from the top are worth every drop of sweat.
  3. Shivanasamudra Waterfalls: About 135 km from Bangalore, this is a twin waterfall on the Kaveri River. The cascading beauty of Gaganachukki and Bharachukki falls is a sight to behold, especially during the monsoon.
  4. Bheemeshwari: Just 100 km away, Bheemeshwari is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Nestled on the banks of the Kaveri River, it’s a hotspot for river rafting and fishing. The Bheemeshwari Wildlife Sanctuary is also a significant attraction.
  5. Chikballapur: Around 57 km from Bangalore, Chikballapur offers various attractions from hill forts, temples, to serene lakes. Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is a popular trekking destination here.
  6. Kanakapura: Located approximately 70 km from Bangalore, Kanakapura is known for its lush green surroundings and pristine water bodies. The adventurous can indulge in activities like water sports, camping, and trekking here.
  7. Coorg: Though a bit farther at 260 km, Coorg, or Kodagu, is a delightful hill station known for its coffee plantations, dense forests, and mist-covered hills. The Abbey and Iruppu Falls, Dubare Elephant Camp, and Tibetan Monastery are some must-visit spots.

So, the next time you feel the need to breathe in some fresh air, remember, Bangalore is surrounded by some of the most enchanting destinations. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a soul seeking tranquility, there’s something for everyone in the vicinity of this magnificent city.

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