In 2023, the allure of the Skandagiri Sunrise Trek continues to captivate adventurers from Bangalore and beyond. With an evolving trekking culture and enhanced facilities, this year promises an even more enriching experience for those venturing to greet the sun from Skandagiri’s peak.

About Skandagiri

Just about 70 km north of Bangalore, Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, stands tall. This ancient mountain fortress, with trails adorned by historical ruins, offers an unparalleled trekking experience juxtaposed with tales of its bygone era.

What’s New in 2023?

  • Eco-Friendly Initiatives: In response to the increasing number of trekkers, several eco-friendly measures have been introduced to preserve Skandagiri’s pristine environment. These include better waste management systems and the encouragement of carrying reusable water bottles.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Recognizing the popularity of the night trek, authorities have introduced better signages, emergency response measures, and regular patrolling to ensure trekkers’ safety.
  • Digital Guides: Augmented reality (AR) apps have been developed to enhance the trekking experience. These apps, when pointed at specific landmarks, offer historical insights and trivia.

The 2023 Trekking Experience

  • Journey to the Base: From Bangalore, the route to Skandagiri remains a scenic one, transitioning from urban bustle to tranquil countryside.
  • Night’s Veil & Dawn’s Embrace: The nocturnal climb, with the trail illuminated by stars and torches, culminates in the surreal Skandagiri sunrise – a canvas of vibrant colors painting the sky.
  • Tech-Enhanced Exploration: Using AR apps, trekkers can delve deeper into Skandagiri’s history, overlaying digital information on the real-world ruins.

Planning Your 2023 Trek from Bangalore

  1. Integrated Transport: Several trekking organizations now offer packages with electric bus transportation, reflecting the city’s push for sustainable travel.
  2. Essential Gear: Apart from basics like water, snacks, and torchlights, consider downloading the latest AR apps designed for Skandagiri.
  3. Staying Updated: Always check for any new regulations or guidelines, especially concerning the environment and trekking safety.
  4. Group Excursions: Many groups are focusing on thematic treks, like photography-centric, bird-watching, or even yoga at the peak. Choose one that resonates with your interests.


The Skandagiri Sunrise Trek 2023 is not just about maintaining traditions but evolving to offer trekkers a blend of natural beauty, history, and technology. As Bangaloreans and travelers make their way up its trails, they’re bound to come back with memories enriched by both the beauty of the sunrise and the stories of the land.