Romance in the Scottish Highlands of India: Honeymooning in Coorg

The lush landscapes of Coorg (or Kodagu) are not just for the avid traveler. This gem in the Western Ghats is equally enchanting for couples seeking a romantic escape. Dubbed the ‘Scottish Highlands of India’, Coorg’s verdant coffee plantations, cascading waterfalls, and misty mountains make it one of the premier honeymoon places in South India. Let’s dive into the most romantic spots that Coorg has to offer.

1. Abbey Falls
A melodic cascade nestled amidst coffee and spice plantations, Abbey Falls offers an idyllic setting for couples. The melodious hum of the waterfall, combined with the enchanting surroundings, makes it a picture-perfect spot for honeymooners.

2. Mandalpatti View Point
For couples who fancy panoramic vistas, Mandalpatti View Point is a must-visit. Accessible by a thrilling jeep ride, the viewpoint offers breathtaking views of the Western Ghats, especially during sunrise and sunset.

3. Raja’s Seat
Considered one of the most scenic spots in Coorg, Raja’s Seat was once the leisure spot for kings. Today, couples flock here to witness the mesmerizing play of colors as the sun sets, creating unforgettable memories.

4. Dubare Elephant Camp
Adventure and romance blend seamlessly at the Dubare Elephant Camp. Couples can engage in activities like elephant baths and river rafting, followed by a romantic stroll by the riverbank, adding a touch of adventure to their honeymoon.

5. Cottabetta Bungalow
What’s more romantic than waking up amidst coffee plantations? At Cottabetta Bungalow, honeymooners can experience vintage luxury, sipping on the finest brews right from the source, and indulging in spa treatments surrounded by nature.

6. Nisargadhama
An island formed by the river Kaveri, Nisargadhama is a haven of bamboo groves, teak, and rosewood forests. With boating facilities and tree-house accommodations, it’s a unique spot for newlyweds to connect with nature and each other.

Tips for Honeymooners:

  • Coorg’s weather can be unpredictable; packing layers and light rain gear is advisable.
  • While Coorg offers a plethora of dining options, don’t miss out on trying local Kodava cuisine.
  • Always respect local customs and the environment. Your memorable moments shouldn’t come at the expense of nature’s beauty.

In Conclusion

With its blend of nature, adventure, and luxury, Coorg beckons couples from all over. The myriad honeymoon places within its lush landscapes promise both romantic seclusion and shared adventures, making it an ideal backdrop for starting a beautiful journey together.