Kumara Parvatha, also known as Pushpagiri, is one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats and a popular trekking destination in the Coorg district of Karnataka, India. It’s the highest peak in the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and offers a thrilling and challenging trekking experience.

There are two routes to reach the peak of Kumara Parvatha:

  1. From Somwarpet: This is the shorter route, with a trekking distance of approximately 8 to 10 kilometers. Although this route is shorter, it has steeper gradients and a dense forest cover. The trail starts from Beedahalli (4 kilometers from Somwarpet), goes through the forest, and opens up at the Pushpagiri peak.
  2. From Kukke Subramanya: This is the longer route, with a trekking distance of around 14 kilometers. The trail starts from the Sri Subramanya Temple in Kukke and passes through the forest, reaching the peak of Kumara Parvatha. This route is more challenging and is preferred by seasoned trekkers.

The trek duration can vary depending on the trekkers’ pace and experience, but generally, it can take anywhere between 8 to 12 hours to reach the peak. It’s often recommended to do this as a two-day trek with an overnight camp.

Keep in mind that as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, it’s important to verify the current rules and guidelines for trekking in this area, as restrictions may apply due to environmental and safety concerns.