Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a captivating hill station nestled in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. Renowned for its lush green landscapes, aromatic coffee plantations, and serene hills, Coorg is the perfect getaway for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. In this article, we’ll present an exciting 3-day itinerary for you to make the most of your visit to Coorg, with highlighted keywords to help you plan your trip.

Day 1: Arrival and Coorg Overview

Arrival in Coorg: Start your Coorg adventure by arriving at either Mangalore International Airport or Mysore Airport. Both airports are well-connected to major Indian cities.

Coorg Resort Check-in: Check into a cozy resort or homestay amidst coffee estates to get the full experience of Coorg’s natural beauty. Popular options include Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort, Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa, and budget-friendly homestays like Coorg Coffee Hills.

Madikeri Town Exploration: After settling in, head to Madikeri, the district headquarters of Coorg. Visit Raja’s Seat, a lovely garden offering panoramic views of the valley and sunset. You can also explore Madikeri Fort, an iconic historical site that reflects Coorg’s rich heritage.

Dinner at a Local Restaurant: Savor traditional Coorgi cuisine, which includes specialties like Pandhi Curry (pork curry) and Kadambattu (steamed rice balls) at a local restaurant in Madikeri.

Day 2: Nature and Adventure

Coffee Plantation Tour: Begin your day with a guided tour of a coffee plantation. Learn about the coffee-making process and enjoy the refreshing aroma of coffee beans. Some popular coffee estates that offer tours are Tata Coffee Plantations and Coorg Coffee Plantation.

Abbey Falls: A short drive from Madikeri takes you to Abbey Falls, a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. Capture the beauty of the falls and take a refreshing dip in the pool if you wish.

Lunch: Enjoy a picnic lunch amidst nature, or you can head back to Madikeri for a meal at a local eatery.

Trek to Tadiandamol: In the afternoon, embark on a thrilling trek to Tadiandamol, the highest peak in Coorg. The trek offers stunning vistas of the Western Ghats and the surrounding forests.

Return to Resort: After your trek, return to your resort for a well-deserved rest. You can also indulge in a spa session or relax by the pool.

Day 3: Culture and Departure

Namdroling Monastery: Check out from your resort and head to Namdroling Monastery in Bylakuppe, one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India. Explore the intricate Tibetan architecture and witness monks in their daily rituals.

Lunch in Kushalnagar: Enjoy a Tibetan meal at one of the local restaurants in Kushalnagar, like Tibetan Kitchen, for momos, thukpa, and more.

Dubare Elephant Camp: Visit Dubare Elephant Camp to interact with and learn about elephants. You can participate in activities like feeding and bathing the gentle giants.

Shopping in Coorg: Before heading back, shop for Coorg’s famous coffee, spices, and handmade chocolates in the local markets.

Departure: Bid adieu to the enchanting land of Coorg and proceed to your chosen departure point, either Mangalore or Mysore, to conclude your memorable journey.

Coorg offers an unforgettable blend of nature, culture, and adventure. With this 3-day itinerary, you can experience the best of what this coffee country has to offer. Don’t forget to pack comfortable clothing, trekking shoes, and a camera to capture the beauty of Coorg. Get ready for a soul-refreshing trip to this green paradise in the Western Ghats.