Our Weekend Getaway – Dandeli Trek journey starts by picking up our co-travelers who are excited for their adventurous trekking and to eye-watch aesthetically pleasing sceneries along with our great leads from Tripbae Community who will guide our co-travelers throughout their journey. Pickup points for Dandeli Trek and Sightseeing from Bangalore are:

  • 7:30 PM – Silk Board
  • 8:00 PM – Domlur
  • 8:30 PM – MG Road
  • 8:50 PM – KTM Mekhri Circle
  • 9:30 PM – Govardhan Theatre, Yashwanthpura

Day 0 – Friday

After picking up all our co-travelers we will start our journey towards Dandeli Trek and Sightseeing from Bangalore in tempo travelers or minibus with pushup back seats. We will all get to know each other on the bus trip, make new friends, sing songs, dance, and do many more fun activities. Our trekking journey has many key events like Camping, travel diaries, star gazing, sunset view, waterfall visit, river rafting, nature walk, jacuzzi, caves visit and river kayaking.

Day 1 – Saturday

The next day we will reach our Homestay location at 7:00 AM after that we will eat delicious breakfast and start our day with hiking towards Syntheri Rocks. On our route towards Syntheri rocks, we will see greenery all around us and beautiful sceneries. We will reach Syntheri Rocks at 11:15 AM, where you will witness different samples of rocks and waterfall. The size of the rock makes you feel small – somewhere telling you that you are a very small part of the big universe. The way it hides in the folds of the forest is bound to make you feel curious. After admiring beauty of Syntheri rocks we will start our trek down towards Campsite and then have our lip-smacking lunch at Homestay.

After having lunch, we will enjoy various adventure activities like river rafting, river kayaking, river boating, natural jacuzzi, and many more. The thrilling and stirring experience which we encounter while the activities are so worth it that we feel everybody must try all these activities on their trek towards Dandeli. We will experience immense joy while doing these activities and surely store the memories in our travel diary’s moments. After all this happy time we will then start our preparation for a campfire. Our campfire will also be one of the memorable moments of the trek as we will all gather together and play fun activities. Recollecting all the memories we all will take a good night’s sleep.

Day 2 – Sunday

Our journey continues the next day by exploring nature’s artistry around the campsite and then boarding a vehicle to head towards Moulangi Eco Park. After reaching the Eco-park we will eye-witness the serene beauty of nature’s creation. Moulangi Eco Park is one of the most surreal attractions in Dandeli. Surrounded by the blissful landscape comprising thick evergreen forests, Moulangi Eco Park is a place that you ought to be when you are in Dandeli. Covered in bamboo trees, Moulangi Eco Park provides a wide vista of beautiful rock formations, cliffs, a meandering river, and a set of nature trails.

After sightseeing at Eco-park we will board a vehicle and head towards Magod Waterfalls. We will watch admirable sceneries and aesthetically pleasing waterfalls. The sounds of waterfalls make us feel we are in a whole different world where there only exists peace. We will also capture our memories photographically throughout our journey and we will have our lunch on our way towards our next stop which is Sathodi falls where we enjoy the pleasing beauty of waterfalls and encounter different alluring views. After that, we will board a vehicle to head back towards Bangalore at 5:00 PM.

Day 3 – Monday

We will get down from the bus at respective drop points at Bangalore at 5:00 AM with all the unforgettable experiences and recollecting the artistry beauty of nature. Dandeli Adventure Trek will always stay in our memories and sceneries we came across throughout the journey. This trekking journey will be filled with all the experiences, happy moments, camping and photographically capturing all beautiful sceneries.