The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, is famous for its bustle, technological advancements, and vibrant lifestyle. But even in such an enthralling metropolis, one may desire an escape into the quieter, more serene, and culturally rich surroundings. If you’re someone who cherishes a quick getaway to rejuvenate, here’s an outline of a perfect three-day trip from Bangalore.

Day 1: Mysore – The City of Palaces

Your trip begins with a journey to Mysore, approximately three hours from Bangalore. The city, known as the cultural capital of Karnataka, is home to the magnificent Mysore Palace, also known as Ambavilas Palace. This architectural marvel, illuminated with nearly 100,000 bulbs in the evening, is a sight to behold.

Apart from the palace, don’t miss out on the Chamundeshwari Temple located atop Chamundi Hills. It’s a divine place of worship offering stunning views of the city below. Wrap up your day with a walk through the fragrant corridors of Brindavan Gardens.

Day 2: Coorg – Scotland of India

Day two will take you to the tranquil hills of Coorg, approximately a three-hour drive from Mysore. This serene hill station, famous for its vast coffee plantations, provides a refreshing retreat.

Start your day with a visit to the Abbey Falls, a scenic waterfall located amidst spice and coffee plantations. The hanging bridge offers a great viewpoint of the falls. Afterward, head over to Raja’s Seat, a garden with enchanting views of the sunrise and sunset.

Don’t forget to taste the local cuisine. With a distinctive use of spices, Coorgi dishes like Pandi curry (pork curry) and bamboo shoot curry are a must-try. And of course, don’t leave without tasting the locally grown coffee.

Day 3: Hassan – The Architectural Extravaganza

The final leg of your journey leads you to Hassan, about two and a half hours away from Coorg. It’s a treasure trove of Hoysala architecture, primarily known for the intricate sculptures and ruins of ancient temples.

Begin your exploration with the Hoysaleswara Temple in Halebidu, a masterpiece of Hoysala workmanship showcasing the intricacies of ancient Indian artistry. Proceed to the gravity-defying marvel, the Chennakesava Temple in Belur, another architectural brilliance of the Hoysala period.

Before heading back to Bangalore, take a stroll around the town, soak up its slow-paced life, and taste the local delicacies.

This trip offers a blend of cultural immersion, natural splendor, and culinary delights. These three destinations, each with a unique charm, will provide a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore’s city life, leaving you refreshed and filled with cherished memories.